Matt Franks

Maker | Design thinker | Vice President, Design

For more than 14 years, Matt has guided teams who create design-led business strategies and corporate design education programs for companies like Meta, Dell, USAA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Blackboard, Logitech, and LegalZoom. As a co-founder of Modernist Studio, Matt honed an approach that grounds design in the realities of business and development, delivering value to clients and their customers by creating useful, usable, and desirable products and services.

As Vice President of Design, Matt focuses on scaling Gorilla Logic’s design practice’s approach, tools, and methods. Leading a team of design professionals, Matt works with clients to synthesize patterns into insights, articulate relationships, and envision solutions beyond their imagination.

Matt is a maker at his core, and he delights in crafting hand made artifacts in his workshop at home. His interests encompass a range of modalities, including woodworking, metalworking, 3D modeling, and plastic work. Matt shares his joy of craftsmanship with his two children, and is increasingly helping them make their ideas a reality.

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