Mark Stratton

Silicon Valley vet | Gnarly snowboarder | Software Solutions Architect

Building the best software is Mark’s passion, and he’s been doing just that with companies large and small for years. In his most recent roles as Vice President of Digital Solutions Portfolio Management and Vice President of Global Solutions and Innovation, Mark commuted to Silicon Valley and advised Fortune 500 companies on custom software development projects, focusing on outcome-based development that drives business value. In Gorilla Logic, Mark has found the perfect opportunity to combine his deep expertise in large-scale enterprise software development with his hankering to be part of a smaller organization. As a Software Solutions Architect, Mark’s focus is on helping clients with early stage onboarding.

Mark enjoys spending his free time with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and three grandkids (and of course the parents of his grandkids!). On perfect powder days, you’ll find Mark and his wife snowboarding or skiing, one of the biggest reasons they moved to the Colorado mountains seven years ago. They are avid divers, as well, and love diving all over the world, but especially in Maui.

Gorilla Logic Mark Stratton
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