Mario López

Leader by example | Street photographer | Web Practice Lead

From an early age, Mario knew that leading by example was the most effective way to live his life, personally and professionally. Leadership, Mario believes, is in how you care about people, not in the title you have. Mario rapidly became a leader within Gorilla Logic ranks, earning a promotion to Tech Lead within his first three months, where he focused his efforts on developing and reviewing code, mentoring developers, and making recommendations to clients.

In his new role as Web Practice Lead, Mario is working with other Practice Leads to evolve best practices for web developers as well as best practices across all disciplines. He’s also focused on encouraging deeper engagement with practice members, setting the example for how to do it so others can follow.

When he’s not at work, Mario is learning photography, sharing images of street life and landscapes through his new Instagram account. You might also find him running, swimming, or playing with his two dogs, Galleta (the playful one) and July (the grumpy but smart one). July is especially bonded with and protective of Mario’s daughter, a toddler who is his pride and joy.

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