Mariano Alvarez

Swimmer | Challenge Seeker | Web Practice Lead

When Mariano first joined Gorilla Logic, we tasked him with developing a new application, using new technology, for one of our new clients. Not surprisingly, he jumped at the opportunity. Mariano loves to take on new challenges and enhance his skill set. As Web Development Practice Lead, he encourages his team to do the same.

“Attitude is important,” says Mariano. “You need to have the power within you to learn and solve problems. A good attitude allows you to help others in your company and go the extra mile for your clients.”

Mariano leverages a multitude of skills to keep client projects running smoothly, including clarifying business requirements and preparing technical solutions that follow best practices while ensuring customer satisfaction. He joined Gorilla Logic after hearing positive reviews about its culture and client projects from friends who were already Gorillas.

“Many of my friends from previous jobs were working at Gorilla Logic,” Mariano recalls. “I had only heard good things about the company. They were always working on challenging projects which I was very interested in.”

When he’s not learning new technologies or developing the latest next-gen applications for his clients, Mariano enjoys exploring new places in Costa Rica, including their magnificent forests and waterfalls. He is also an avid swimmer and plans to compete in upcoming open water swim races. And at the end of the day, he loves catching up with friends over a good meal while sampling new beer and wine offerings.

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