Marcos Sandoval

World adventurer | People and knowledge lover | Mobile Practice Lead

Early in his career, Marcos discovered that his love of people also fed a passion for designing and developing applications for mobile users. Marcos honed his skills as a developer of web, hybrid, and native mobile applications for a variety of companies, and as a leader of developer teams. Then, eager for more significant challenges, Marcos joined Gorilla Logic as a Senior Android Developer.

In his new role as Mobile Practice Lead, Marcos is excited to contribute to strengthening the practice; he’s also energized to lead individual mobile developers to pursue their own learning paths. With a focus on building relationships, deepening both technical and soft skills, helping developers overcome challenges, and fostering shared learning across teams, the new role makes excellent use of his passion for people, sharing knowledge, and technology.

Outside of work, Marcos spends much of his time with family and friends, and making new friends on his journeys around the world. Marcos prefers the less-traveled path so that he can truly get to know different people and cultures, staying in hostels in Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other exciting destinations. While he waits for the opportunity to travel internationally again after the pandemic, he satisfies his explorer side with shorter road trips throughout his native Costa Rica, enjoying the spectacular rivers, jungles, mountains, and sunsets at the beach with his friends.

Marcos Calvo Gorilla Logic
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