Lydia Malin

Ultra Marathon Runner | Unique Food Taster | Business Development Consultant

Lydia—a Pittsburgh native and Colorado transplant—was initially attracted to Gorilla Logic because of the opportunity to grow her experience with Agile development and technology. She was excited to be a part of an organization that makes nearshore possible—an outsourcing option she fully believes in. With a background in SaaS and finance, Lydia makes an excellent addition to the Gorilla Logic Sales Team. She loves the challenge of problem-solving so for her, finding ways to help Gorilla Logic clients achieve better results is a perfect fit. She appreciates that Gorilla Logic encourages employees to pursue their passions and find innovative ways to improve the organization.

Lydia is close with her family and enjoys watching her young daughter get into the Colorado lifestyle as she learns to bike and ski. She also enjoys her own active lifestyle and has successfully completed three ultra-marathons—that’s 42.195 kilometers…each time. In order to fuel her body for these intense adventures, she will occasionally dabble in some unique cuisines including escamoles and a century egg. Her advice: butter and salt can certainly save the escamoles but maybe stay clear of the egg.

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