Luis Porras

Globe-trotter | Optimizer | Back-End Practice Lead

As a Back-End Practice Lead, Luis works closely with fellow Gorillas to develop web services and infrastructure at the core of our clients’ applications. In this role, his endless curiosity and ability to adapt helps him find solutions in an ever-changing landscape. 

Luis has always been interested in learning how technology works. When he was younger, he would take computers and radios apart to figure out exactly how they work. He also started developing his own games in high school. Today, he says that the transition between having technology projects as a hobby and choosing to pursue a career in technology was seamless— similar to his decision to become a Gorilla. “The opportunity came at the right moment and I knew this was the next step,” he explains. Luis adds that his current role allows him to get out of his comfort zone and continue expanding his knowledge. 

When he’s away from the office, Luis likes reading, video games, and playing sports. He also enjoys immersing himself in different cultures by traveling to new places, especially ones with a cold climate. When asked where he’d like to travel next, he says that Iceland tops the list. Since he has so many interests and goals, Luis is always finding ways to optimize his life, from planning great itineraries to using helpful apps to track ideas. He describes himself as a person who’s “open to everything and always excited about what’s next.”

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