Lucía Carpio

Mosh pit fan | Passionate people person | UI/UX Practice Lead

Art and design have been passions for Lucía from childhood and throughout her education as she studied graphic design and production, and briefly considered becoming a fashion designer and tattoo artist. But when friends asked for her help on a mobile app they were developing, she immediately fell in love with the world of UI/UX. Lucía came to Gorilla Logic to continue expanding her skills in UI/UX, building on experiences with clients and as a consultant. Now, as UI/UX Practice Lead, she is thrilled to share her knowledge and passion with others, contributing to the continued growth of the UI/UX team.

In her role as Practice Lead, Lucía is focused on helping to onboard Gorilla Logic’s newest UI/UX designers so that they can come up to speed quickly. She is also working with fellow Practice Leads to deepen the team’s relationships and foster the innovative thinking that comes from cross-pollination. From Christmas cookie decorating workshops to UI/UX lunch-and-learns, Lucía loves to bring people together in ways that everyone can learn and grow.

Lucía has also found delightful and unexpected opportunities to hone her UI/UX skills in parenting her young daughter, who often presents her with new user experiences to consider.
Lucía loves to cook, although she much prefers that someone else do the dishes. And she is a huge fan of rock, and relishes the live experience and energy of concerts, especially mosh pits. When she was younger, she was a regular at the local equivalent of CBGB’s and, when the opportunity presents itself, will still travel as far as Italy to attend rock festivals.

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