Leza Dabit

Soccer Fan | Outdoor Enthusiast | Client Services Manager

Leza is the first to admit that she geeks out on math, science and technology (we liked her immediately!). We also loved that she volunteered with Women in Technology (WIT) and TechBridge in her hometown of Atlanta. After spending nearly a dozen years working for an IT staffing firm in the Peach State, Leza was excited to head west and join Gorilla Logic as Client Services Manager.

“I told myself, ‘This is literally the job you’ve been looking for and didn’t know it existed.’” A natural Gorilla, Leza jumped in immediately, becoming a SAFe 4 Agilist while ensuring that our Gorillas and clients are set up for success.

“The technology piece is what initially attracted me to Gorilla Logic,” Leza notes. “A lot of companies say that they are doing Agile software development, but it’s usually just in bits and pieces. It’s pretty unbelievable to see what our Gorillas do every day – running true Agile teams and helping clients get up to speed on Agile frameworks.”

Leza is just as passionate about Gorilla Logic’s culture and the opportunities to help her fellow Gorillas excel in their careers.

“Working with so many talented people is, without a doubt, the best part of Gorilla Logic,” Leza emphasizes. “There is truth to Gorillas being unstoppable. They have an inner drive and passion for what they do, and they constantly want to grow and learn.”

A die-hard soccer fan (Atlanta United is her team) who loves hiking, skiing and “doing anything on the water,” Leza is a natural addition to our band of Gorillas. She is a fan of old school hip-hop (think Outkast and Eminem), and happy to participate in karaoke sessions on a moment’s notice. Leza enjoys traveling and is always looking for her next adventure in Colorado or a new country.

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