Kevin Rodríguez

Open Source Enthusiast | Electric Guitarist | Web Practice Lead

Kevin had been working towards becoming a Gorilla for a few years before joining the company. He knew the company’s reputation for hiring top-notch talent and wanted to be a part of that community. Kevin’s professional background includes a variety of software development from enterprise solutions to mobile apps but he especially enjoys working on projects that are customer-facing. At Gorilla Logic, he’s been able to work on these projects and loves the dynamic clients with exciting technology and challenges to solve. As a Practice Lead, Kevin enjoys the opportunity to help those around him improve their technical and soft skills. Although he’s been involved in the developer community for years and leads a Vue.js meetup, this role is an exciting addition to his leadership responsibilities.

Outside of work, Kevin often contributes to open source libraries. This includes pigment, a library he created himself. It provides color-conversions, scheme generation, and more. He also contributes to the developer community by creating blog posts and organizing meetups. When taking time for himself, Kevin lets loose on his electric guitar.

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