Kenneth Webb

Master bullet journaler | Dog dad | Security Practice Lead

When Kenneth was still in school, a mentor advised him to go work in different industries and roles, getting to know how things work. Being highly curious, and a little distractible, Kenneth did just that. From building data warehouses for finance companies to developing security solutions for manufacturing robotics to advanced research and development for gaming companies, Kenneth has acquired a massive, real-world education in how things work, especially with all things software and security.

As Security Practice Lead, Kenneth looks forward to teaching his fellow Gorillas how to build security into products from the very start, so that they deploy great solutions that are also secure solutions. Through a robust curriculum he’s developed, Kenneth is on a mission to nurture a security-first mindset with all Gorillas.

For Kenneth, what’s new and different is always interesting—you might say he’s an innovation junkie and he avidly learns about all the latest tech trends. Disciplined bullet journaling and mindfulness meditation help him stay focused. When he can, he loves to get outside and go for a hike. And at home, his three dogs make sure he still gets plenty of time to play.

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