Josh Scott

Musician | Family Guy | Web Practice Lead

Josh claims that being a Gorilla comes naturally to him. Maybe it’s because he has a full-stack background. It could also be his drive to learn new technologies and share best practices with his developers and clients. We think it has something to do with the fact that Josh is the oldest of 20 children in his family (not a typo), and has 10 children of his own (not a typo, either).

When Josh interviewed with us, he was wowed by the Gorillas’ expertise in distributed Agile development. And he was pleasantly surprised when Gorilla Logic’s CEO (and self-professed geek), Stu Stern personally conducted his tech interview. Needless to say, Stu was impressed with Josh’s full-stack expertise and drive to constantly improve his skills. In addition to leading our front-end practice, Josh also talks with potential Gorillas – assessing their technical skills to ensure they can meet the needs of our clients.

Despite having a demanding career and enough kids to field a baseball team, Josh claims to “actually get a good night’s sleep most of the time” (we have trouble believing this). And we have no idea how he finds the time to practice his Spanish, or his myriad musical instruments (he plays the guitar, violin, mandolin and bass – just to name a few). We’re just happy to have him deliver awesome results for our clients while leading and mentoring his team.

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