John Ragland

Bike Enthusiast | Music Lover | Client Services Manager

John creates and manages relationships with Gorilla Logic clients. When speaking about his role, John says, “It’s about creating a win-win and understanding how what we do impacts our clients’ business.” His mission is to figure out what clients’ goals are and how Gorilla Logic can help achieve them.

John feels that being relevant in technology requires a high level of curiosity and continuous learning. This approach enables genuine, long-term relationships with clients. John believes that there are two qualities that are critical to his role at Gorilla Logic. “Trust and transparency are key in the development of both products and client relationships.”

John also likes to travel with his family, saying that one of his favorite places to relax is Hawaii. When he’s home, John enjoys cooking, getting out on his bike as much as he can, and listening to numerous genres of music, with some of his favorites ranging from Incubus to Wynton Marsalis.

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