John Howard

Jet-Setter | Fashion Expert | Agile Consultant Expert | Area Engineering Manager

In his role as an Area Engineering Manager, John is responsible for enterprise-level integrations and development efforts. He works with the team at Gorilla Logic to provide support throughout the development process with an eye for detail and quality. He says that being a good communicator and having a true passion for the work are keys to success in this role.

John has been in the software industry since 2005 and holds multiple certifications. He loves working at Gorilla Logic because of the Agile philosophy and company culture that comes with the role. He says his team is “the best team to be a part of.”

John describes himself as a creative person who enjoys being busy. To keep things this way, he fills his free time traveling and working on his passion projects, including his clothing line inspired by the environment in Costa Rica. It’s clear that through all his projects, he promotes self-expression and originality. Whether John’s working on something personally or professionally, you can bet he’s putting his own unique spin on it.

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