Jen Stark

Tech Geek | Pro Dog Snuggler | Senior Technical Recruiter

Jen knew after her first conversation with co-founders Stu and Ed that Gorilla Logic was where she was meant to be. And over the years, she’s seen Gorilla Logic grow from a “small, funky startup” to a strong, international company. She also discovered her passion for searching for and hiring the best software engineering talent available in the U.S. and Costa Rica.

“I’m a tech geek, my job lets me interact with many different types of people. However, they all have a passion and love for creating technology that enhances people’s lives.” Jen says. “It’s a great feeling when you can offer someone a position that allows them to pursue their passion while advancing their skills and quality of life.”

Unlike most Colorado natives, Jen has never known the thrill of standing in line for hours to purchase a season ski pass. While she’s not into winter sports (yet – she plans on testing the slopes soon), Jen loves to hike and fish with her side kick/dog, Mabel, in Rocky Mountain National Park. Jen also devours books on history and science (she assures us that biology is “super interesting” – we’re not convinced). A former bartender, her margaritas have won numerous awards (for real!). We’re hoping she’ll serve up a pitcher of them at Gorilla Logic’s next happy hour.

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