Herson Alfaro

Martial Arts Enthusiast | Philosophy Buff| Back-End Practice Lead

Whether he’s learning jujitsu or diving into the latest book on evolutionary psychology, Herson is constantly challenging himself. This desire to explore new ideas and activities carries over to his role as Gorilla Logic’s Backend Practice Lead.

Herson collaborates with our CTO Jay Wallingford to identify and screen top-tier talent to join our band of Gorillas. He also works closely with our clients to understand their business goals and help guide them in their technology selections.

“Being proactive and staying a step ahead of technology trends when guiding our clients is a huge aspect of being a Gorilla,’ says Herson. “I really like interacting with my fellow Gorillas who are happy to share their knowledge and insights with me. I learn a lot from them which makes me a better consultant to my clients.”

Herson joined Gorilla Logic after serving as a software engineer for a global information services company. Working for an established company like Gorilla Logic that still retains its startup energy was an exciting opportunity for Herson.

“Some enterprises operate in a top-down management style,” Herson observes. “Gorilla Logic is very bottom-up. They provide me with a lot of leeway and autonomy to be proactive and make our clients happy.”

Away from the office, you can find Herson on his road bike or practicing jujitsu (“Everyone should try some sort of martial arts at one point in their lives. It gives you a different perspective.”). He also enjoys reading about evolutionary psychology, biology, cognitive science (“I think it’s fascinating.”) and philosophy (Immanuel Kant is his favorite philosopher.) Like many of us, Herson calls Bob Dylan “a musical genius.”

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