Hector Gonzalez

Voracious Reader | Former Thespian |Band Manager

The first thing that attracted Hector to Gorilla Logic was its fast-paced, Agile environment. Once he immersed himself in the company, he unleashed his innate ability to help his fellow Gorillas achieve their personal and professional goals. “I gain a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can lend a hand and help grow them and the company,” says Hector.

As an Area Engineering Manager, Hector oversees several different client engagements – regularly meeting with the customer managers to ensure that activities are scheduled, milestones are met and any potential roadblocks are removed. No task is too big or small for Hector, As he describes it, “As a Gorilla, you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard to get things done.”

During his downtime, Hector likes to check out the pubs, hot springs and hiking trails at San Carlos La Fortuna (did we mention that it’s near a volcano?). He also loves to read a variety of books in English, Spanish and Portuguese. And if you catch him at the right time, he may tell you about the 10 years he spent in a theater group (“A really nice part of my life”).

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