Geovanna Gianoli

Language lover | (Very) Early bird | Backend Practice Lead

The world of software development captivated Geovanna early on, presenting her with exciting and different challenges every day, as well as the opportunity to apply her curiosity and problem-solving skills to create new things through coding. After honing her skills as a software developer for nearly 10 years, Geovanna came to Gorilla Logic because it offered her the rare opportunity to expand her horizons and grow faster through working on complex projects with exceptionally talented people. Geovanna started at Gorilla Logic as a Senior Consultant, and now adds to those duties her new role as Backend Practice Lead. In her new role, she is thrilled to bring her unique voice and passion to helping lead the practice, and excited to help mentor up and coming developers interested in backend work. She’s especially passionate about shining a light on women in technology, and providing an example for others to follow.

Talking to Geovanna, you might wonder how she can possibly get done all the things she loves most to do when she is not at work. She loves to travel and learn new languages–she currently speaks Spanish, English, and is learning French; she has several more languages she wants to add to her bucket list. She meditates most days, and connects with nature by going on walks and watching sunrises. She credits her ability to do all of this with waking up every day at 4.30 am. For Geovanna, rising early helps her keep life in balance and gives her time to energy to be creative.

Geovanna Gianoli Gorilla Logic
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