Gabriela Oropeza

Travel Lover | Foodie | Back-End Practice Lead

Gaby’s role at Gorilla Logic is two-fold. As a Back-end Practice Lead, she designs and develops software solutions. She also uses her expertise to lead a team of developers and ensures that we’re providing the best software to our clients.

Gaby has over ten years of experience in the software space. She describes herself as someone who is “always curious” and says that she was drawn to the industry because even though she wouldn’t consider herself crafty, software development gives her an opportunity to create.

That curiosity and creativity is a common theme that finds its way into other aspects of Gaby’s life. When Gaby isn’t working, she’s often enjoying electronic or indie music while traveling or trying out new recipes. She’s frequently trying new things (like jumping out of planes) and loves going to new cities where she can immerse herself in different cultures.

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