Franklin Astorga

Avid knowledge seeker | Man of multiple hobbies | QA Practice Lead

From childhood, Franklin’s family noted a strong passion for taking things apart to see how they work. Franklin parlayed these analytical interests into a career as a full-stack developer and quality assurance (QA) engineer, fields he loves for all the opportunities they give him to keep learning all the time. Gorilla Logic attracted him with its people-first culture and commitment to supporting individual and professional growth, and Franklin rapidly progressed to ISTQB-certified Senior Quality Assurance Engineer and QA Practice Lead.

In his role as QA Practice Lead, Franklin enjoys being of service to people, which he sees as an opportunity for everyone, including himself, to adapt, learn, and grow. By helping build a strong community of professionals, he can give back the same high-quality mentoring and coaching that enabled him to succeed. From providing training to helping support professionals in pursuing certifications, it’s all about becoming our best selves together.

In addition to his professional career, Franklin pursues multiple hobbies outside of work. He is a miniaturist, painting detailed miniature figures of fantastical creatures. He creates aquascapes, sometimes including one of his miniatures. He trains his border collie, and they compete in agility events. And bringing it all together, he documents all his activities and family and friends with photography. When he has moments to spare, he swims, plays video games, and spends time with his wife.

Franklin Astorga
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