Francisco Mac Courtney

Status quo challenger | Problem solver | Backend Practice Lead

With natural communication and leadership skills. Francisco’s career quickly evolved from software engineer to team lead. He has led teams small and large, in both in-house and outsourcing models, on a wide variety of projects, from manufacturing to financial services. Francisco also loves the challenges of backend development, with its data flows, APIs, business logic, and infrastructure, because it appeals to his very logical mind.

All of these interests come together for Francisco in his role as Backend Practice Lead. He focuses on building an engaged community of backend developers who are also passionate about always adding new and honing existing skills. Francisco believes that one of the most effective ways he can continue to learn and challenge his own status quo is to educate others, and his door is always open to help others in whatever way he can.

When he is not at work, Francisco likes to completely disconnect from technology and go hiking with his wife and two dogs, a Dachshund and a Husky. He is very logical and straightforward in how he approaches things in his personal and professional lives, something he says his family affectionately describes as square–all straight lines and corners. In addition to being bilingual in Spanish and English, he speaks German and Portuguese, which he picked up while working with a client in Brazil.

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