Esteban Rodríguez

Complex challenge lover | Board game collector | Backend Practice Lead

Esteban, who thrives on the challenge of unfamiliar situations, discovered an affinity for backend development while completing research for his master’s degree in Computer Science. An early job immersed him in the world of Ruby on Rails, and he immediately became a passionate fan because of the simplicity of the language and how it enabled him to build applications with it quickly. After that, Esteban moved to Gorilla Logic because of the many opportunities it offers him to continue learning and the complex projects it helps clients build.

Inspired by his father’s commitment to being of service to others, Esteban prioritizes mentoring others by sharing what he’s learned. As Backend Practice Lead, he is helping to grow a vibrant community of Ruby on Rails practitioners within Gorilla Logic. By encouraging participation in the broader community of experts from Latin America and the U.S., he aims to exchange knowledge, explore ideas, and evolve the practice.

Esteban is happily married and lives with his wife and two dogs (both are collies). They enjoy traveling together every time they can. Esteban is learning to play tennis and likes the opportunity to release any stress from the day on a tiny ball. From a very early age, he has been an avid Nintendo fan, with special affection for Super Mario and Zelda. He also loves board games, and his extensive collection includes favorites Sushi Go! and Doomlings, a newly introduced game.

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