Emilio Duarte

Lover of learning | Pit master and bread baker | Quality Assurance Practice Lead

With a degree in Software Engineering, Emilio discovered a greater love for Quality Assurance early on in his career, drawn to its use of automation and fast feedback loops to help develop and deliver the highest quality products. With years of experience in QA, Emilio started at Gorilla Logic in 2018, attracted by its reputation for hiring the most talented engineers around and the opportunity to work with and learn from very smart team members on complex client projects. Now Emilio aspires to continue his personal quest to be unstoppable in his new role as Quality Assurance Practice Lead.

Dividing his time between his work as a QA Engineer on client projects and Practice Lead duties, Emilio’s priorities include coaching others in developing their careers in Quality Assurance, staying current with emerging technologies and trends, and finding effective, engaging ways to share knowledge about QA, both within the Practice and with other Gorilla Logic teams. Based on his extensive experience in the field, he’s also helping develop a skills assessment for potential job candidates.

Emilio lives with his wife, young daughter, and three dogs, including a puppy they rescued recently. Although he spends much of his free time playing with his daughter, he also enjoys smoking meat in the backyard or baking French bread, often with a soccer game on in the background. He shares his passion for cooking and baking with his mother and brother, and Emilio’s new vegetable garden promises to raise the family bar even higher.

Emilio Duarte Gorilla Logic
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