Do More with Nearshoring

Costa Rica-Based Developers

Do More with Nearshoring

Costa Rica-Based Developers

What if you could make your budget go farther?

Engage with Gorilla Logic and you can. Take advantage of our proven, cost-effective nearshore model – one that offers knowledgeable, resourceful Agile experts in your time zone. Our Costa Rica-based Gorillas are English fluent and culturally aligned with your organization. They deliver results faster and less expensively than traditional outsourcing, so you can optimize your budget, increase your project velocity, and achieve awesome results.

High performance teams you control

Our Gorillas seamlessly integrate with your existing resources – providing a focused, unified team that is committed to your success. Build it the way you want, with your tools and people you select.

Transparent communication in your time zone

Working with traditional outsourcing teams in highly disparate time zones reduces the opportunity for collaboration, while increasing the time it takes to exchange critical information and feedback. Gorillas operate within your time zone – delivering answers, updates and results on your schedule.

Better results with less capital outlay

Gorilla Logic provides top-tier technology talent customized to your budget requirements. Fast, fluid and focused, our Gorillas deliver an overwhelming return on your investment.

Why Nearshore in Costa Rica?

An increasing number of innovative, future-focused companies are choosing Costa Rica for their strategic nearshoring settings – taking advantage of a highly educated workforce and business-optimized environment. See 10 reasons why CR is Ideal for Nearshoring ›

  • Strategic location for 24% of Fortune 100
  • No.1 for innovation in Latin America
  • +97% literacy rate, highest in Latin America
  • The second language is English 
  • 100% telecom infrastructure redundancy
  • +1,000 international flights weekly
“We don’t see a difference between a developer in the U.S. versus a developer in Costa Rica. When you expand your talent pool, you only get better.”

– Ed Schwarz, Gorilla Logic Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

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