David Caballero

Keeper of bees | Lean, mean DevOps machine | DevOps Practice Lead

When David sets his mind to do something, he does it well, and fast. In his last company, he was promoted three times in three years, with his last role as a Senior DevOps overseeing all the company’s AWS resources. Wanting to push his skills even further, David sought out a role with Gorilla Logic because it was so highly regarded by his peers. In less than a year of landing a role as Senior DevOps Manager with Gorilla Logic, David’s successes in managing complex client issues had led to another promotion, this time to DevOps Practice Lead.

In his new role, David is focusing on defining clear goals for the DevOps practice and significantly increasing the knowledge sharing among the team through events like tech talks. He’s excited to bring new technologies, approaches, and ideas to the team so that everyone keeps growing and finding challenges that excite them.

David is an avid gamer, with a preference for strategy games like Rise of Nations and RPG games like Divinity. When he’s not working or gaming behind his wall of four monitors, David enjoys being outside and reading actual physical books, because they offer a complete break from the digital world. He and his wife, Karen, also keep busy as beekeepers, with six active hives on a family farm nearby, and plans for a total of 50 hives soon.

David Caballero Gorilla Logic
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