David Amott

Motor sports fan | Re-inventor of recruiting | Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition

David knows a thing or two about interesting career paths. In an earlier chapter of his life, he worked as an in-demand session musician for well-known artists in the UK. His passion for people eventually pulled him in a very different direction and working his way through the trenches of recruiting became a full-blown love for growing global talent organizations at mid- to large-size companies. David had worked with Gorilla Logic as a client, and admired its positive culture and the people-focused background of its founders, so he jumped at the opportunity to help meet the company’s growing client demand by developing a highly scalable talent organization.

In his role as Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, David is laser-focused on elevating the candidate experience. David knows from deep experience that, in a highly competitive job market, making sure candidates always have positive interactions is a powerful reflection of a strong and authentic employer brand and company culture, and critical to making the company stand out with the best talent. With his open and collaborative leadership style and growth mindset, David is excited to scale a team of rockstar recruiters and re-invent recruiting.

Motor sports may well be David’s second love. In his garage, he always has a car he’s building; when he’s completed one project, he takes the car out for a race around the local track—and then quickly gets to work on the next phase of the build. A recent home renovation includes a basement studio, so he can get back to his musician roots. David’s also a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ issues, and is a member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

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