Dany Vargas

Seeker of quiet spaces | Family runner | Agile Practice Lead

As an avid Agile practitioner and experienced Product Owner (PO), one of the first questions Dany asked on joining Gorilla Logic was when POs would be added as Gorilla team leads. Dany has now answered his own question, becoming the first PO to be a Practice Lead!

With a career spanning roles as a software engineer, business analyst, and Scrum master, Dany found his niche as a PO because it lets him work closely with all the project stakeholders to represent the business. As an Agile Practice Lead, Dany gets to use his deep experience in working with clients to understand their business needs, and use those insights to help the Gorilla team build the best solutions.

When he’s not at work, Dany is a professor at the Universidad de Costa Rica, teaching project management. He balances his very busy life with meditation, finding quiet spaces to practice in the beautiful, serene mountains and beaches of his native Costa Rica. He grew up in a family of passionate runners, and Dany actively runs with his parents and two brothers to this day. In fact, his dad volunteers the entire family to participate in organized runs, making sure the family that runs together has fun together!

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