Daniel Reyes

Sports Enthusiast | Fitness Junkie | Web Practice Lead

Daniel brings his curiosity, startup experience and killer frontend development skills to Gorilla Logic as a Frontend Practice Lead. Having previously worked for a global Fortune 100 corporation as well as founding his own startup, he enjoys the freedom and empowerment Gorilla Logic provides each of the Gorillas.

“Being a Gorilla allows you to have ownership in the projects you work on.” Daniel notes. “Having responsibility for each task and working independently to complete them successfully is important to me.”

“Being able to help my colleagues empowers me to me learn and understand complex concepts,” says Daniel. “It allows me to dissect my clients’ technical issues, break them down into manageable parts, and put them into a simple, powerful system that achieves their goals.”

Outside of Gorilla Logic, you can find Daniel surfing, meditating, playing soccer, or spending time with his family. He readily admits to having the “very curious mind of an entrepreneur” and enjoys engaging in personal projects that challenge his skills. A self-confessed “frustrated musician,” Daniel is committed to learning how to play the guitar. In the meantime, he enjoys listening to Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin, Guns & Roses, Zero 7, and Pink Floyd.

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