Cristian Arce

Seeker of all things new | Globetrotter | Web Practice Lead

Cristian’s love of new experiences weaves through both his career and personal life. When he joined Gorilla Logic three years ago as a web developer, he knew he had found a place that would expose him to new technologies and skills, challenge him to continue learning, and push him to new levels of excellence as a developer. He took advantage of all those opportunities, grew more than he thought possible, and recently took on a new role as Web Practice Lead.

As Practice Lead, Cristian now focuses on encouraging that same love of learning and growing in other web developers. Finding ways to do that when everyone is working remotely is a challenge he’s excited to tackle. One of his first efforts has been to launch a Web from Home program that encourages developers to get together virtually to share new trends, different approaches, and lessons learned.

Whether it’s the dreadlocks he used to wear when he was at university, or the traveling he pursues in his free time, Cristian loves to explore new ideas and new places. His travels have taken him all around Costa Rica, and as far as Europe and Cuba, a place he highly recommends visiting. When at home, Cristian spends time with his wife and the close-knit families they both share, including two adorable young nephews they see every week.

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