Outsourcing Software Development in Colombia

Considering outsourcing your software dev?

With rapidly evolving technologies, nimble competitors, and changing consumer preferences, you may be struggling to deliver consistent, high-quality digital experiences for your audiences. You’re not alone. “Innovate or die” has become a rally cry for many organizations. But how can your company scale smartly, innovate swiftly and deliver value without ending up on life support?

Outsourcing software development is commonly used in hopes of increasing quality and productivity. However, for those seeking optimal results, evaluating an outsource partner involves many considerations.

After years of experience in the Agile software development industry, Gorilla Logic has recognized the infinite success only possible with a nearshore model. Nearshoring allows companies to outsource business and software development processes to resources in a nearby country, such as Colombia, versus halfway around the world. Companies that engage with premier nearshore partners, like Gorilla Logic, find it easy to work with their remote teams since they are highly trained, share the same language and cultural affinity, and operate within the same workday. Organizations that value the transparency and efficiency of Agile software development find that working with a nearshore distributed team also enables them to get more value from their budgets.

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The Advantages of Nearshoring with Gorilla Logic

Take advantage of our proven, cost-effective nearshore model—one that offers knowledgeable, resourceful Agile experts in your time zone. Headquartered in Boulder, CO with nearshoring centers in Costa Rica and Colombia—our “Gorillas” are English fluent and culturally aligned with your organization making communication seamless. They deliver results faster and provide greater efficiencies than traditional outsourcing, so you can optimize your budget, increase your project velocity, and achieve awesome results. Our business model and continuous delivery of game-changing results have led 80% of our Fortune 500 clients to stay with Gorilla for more than five years.

Transparent communication in your time zone

Working with traditional outsourcing teams in highly disparate time zones reduces the opportunity for collaboration while increasing the time it takes to exchange critical information and feedback. This results in an increased risk of error and missed deadlines. Gorillas operate within your time zone—delivering answers, updates, and results on your schedule.

High-performance teams you control

Our Gorillas readily integrate with your existing resources—providing a focused, unified team that is committed to your success. Build it the way you want, with your tools, and hand-selected Gorillas that best fit your business needs and company culture.

Better results with less capital outlay

Gorilla Logic provides top-tier technology talent customized to your budget requirements. Fast, fluid, and focused, our Gorillas deliver an overwhelming return on your investment.

Partnering with Gorilla Logic enables you to establish a flexible team environment designed to optimize delivery and innovation. We can manage the resourcing dynamics such as scaling up or bringing in different skill sets as needed, so you don’t pay for resources you don’t use.

Why nearshore in Colombia?

Colombia is within the top five most innovative economies in Latin America according to the Global Innovation Index. The country boasts a large population of highly educated technology professionals and has been able to leverage this population to stand out amongst other areas. Because the culture encourages networking and collaboration, the developer community is similar to what exists in Silicon Valley—offering meetups, hackathons, and other programs. Colombia has also aligned with Silicon Valley and other tech hubs through the pursuit of certifications such as PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL, and more.

In recent years, many foreign companies have begun operations in Colombia—approximately 200 foreign companies are now operating in there. These companies are taking advantage of a highly educated workforce and business-optimized environment. Here are some key reasons why Colombia has become a strategic location for many enterprises.


  • Time zone
    Colombia operates in Eastern Standard time year-round making it easy for collaboration with U.S.-based clients during the same workday.
  • Economy and Population
    Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America and has the third largest population with over 49 million inhabitants.
  • Education
    Colombia is within the top three Latin American countries in regards to the number of 25-34-year-olds that have tertiary education.
  • Access
    You can get to Medellín from the U.S. in less than four hours when departing from Miami.
  • Innovation and Quality of Work
    Previously named the most innovative city in the world, Medellín is known for high-quality work. Software development is considered to be one of its top industries.

To learn more about Gorilla Logic in Colombia, check out this blog.

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