Chriss Mejía

Open source evangelist | Grill master | Web Practice Lead

Chriss, who is a prolific and proudly self-taught coder from a young age, is an avid learner, particularly of programming languages and all things open source. His professional career includes roles such as a Senior Developer, UX Team Lead, Software Architect, CTO, and Vice President at an AI-based startup. Chriss, who joined Gorilla Logic several years ago, is excited to expand his role of Lead Consultant to include Web Practice Lead. He is focused on helping Gorila Logic’s front-end, back-end and full-stack developers continuously build their skills, share their knowledge with others, and grow a vibrant community of experts. Chriss is also actively involved with deepening Gorilla Logic’s participation in the open source community, including work on an open source UI library, D3 reusable charts, and a serverless ready ORM with data API support. Chriss is always busy inventing a new and better way to do things with software.

Chriss describes himself as a home-body. He likes to spend time with his two dogs and loves watching movies or playing video games with friends, especially League of Legends and Mario Party. Chriss cooks and loves to grill, making everything from scratch, including growing the herbs and spices he uses. His approach is a labor of love and time-consuming so he doesn’t indulge in it often; if he cooks for you, you should feel quite special.

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