Chris Johnson

Mixed Martial Arts Black Belt | Motocross Racer | Vice President of Sales

Chris learned at an early age the values of integrity, perseverance and commitment to success. These traits have stayed with him throughout his career, starting with teaching mixed martial arts at age of 12, after earning his first-degree black belt (yes, he’s an overachiever). This led to a seven-year career in motocross racing. As Gorilla Logic’s director of business development, Chris leverages his business acumen and passion for helping others to guide our clients in reaching their maximum potential through partnering on enterprise application development.

Chris joined Gorilla Logic after serving as director of global business development for a technology solutions provider. As Chris recalls, “I heard a lot of great things about Gorilla Logic through personal connections. I was really impressed by the way Stu and Ed approach technical problems and build the company – it really speaks to how they serve our customers. After I met with the team, I knew it was a perfect fit.”

While Chris traded in his racing bike for a laptop (at least during the work week), his competitive streak is still intact. Which is one of the reasons why he enjoys being a Gorilla.

“A Gorilla is somebody who is driven to be the best they can possibly be. They aspire to achieve a higher level of success that isn’t always found in other tech companies ,” Chris observes. “You can see it in the culture, with the people, and how we work with clients such as Finish Line. It’s an environment where I can continue to learn and grow; I’m always competing against myself.”

Outside of Gorilla Logic, Chris balances family time with giving back to his community through organizations such as Hope House for Colorado. While he still loves to ride his motorcycle, Chris is also an avid surfer. Vacations often mean heading to Hanalei Bay in Kauai to shred some waves.

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