Carolina Gómez

Lover of all challenges| Fearless free diver | Backend Practice Lead

Carolina has always been one to embrace challenges and excel at whatever she sets out to do, traits that have led to her success in the world of backend development. With a background in systems engineering, web development, cyber security, and DevOps, she was attracted to Gorilla Logic because of its consistent support of local technology communities and its investments in training and education. As a Senior Consultant, she works closely with clients to design and build infrastructure that serves as the foundation for web, mobile, and data warehousing and analytics applications. And now, as Backend Practice Lead, she is working to deepen the skills and knowledge sharing within the Gorilla Logic community.

Carolina approaches her interests outside of work with the same fierce passion and commitment to always be learning that she brings to her career. She turned swimming, a sport she has always loved, into a pursuit of freediving that challenges her physically and intellectually. While considering herself a good dancer, she has found new levels of expertise by taking lessons. Carolina is also working to support women in technology by teaching programming skills to others through local chapters of Django Girls. Through it all, her dog, Abby, keeps a close watch on her, making sure she balances work with plenty of time for walks.

Carolina Hobby
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