Bryan Cruz

Trip Planning Expert | Sports Fan | Band Manager

Bryan’s role at Gorilla Logic is key to the development process. As an Area Engineering Manager he works with his team to help them stay on track and oversees client engagements. He understands both what it takes to help other Gorillas grow and how to ensure clients get the results they need.

Bryan’s background and education as an industrial engineer set him apart from other AEMs. He describes himself as someone who focuses on the process and is always looking for opportunities to optimize. When asked what he loves about being a Gorilla, Bryan notes that the culture is truly special. “This is a real Agile company and the people here are focused on delivering the right solutions. Everyone is striving to be their best selves professionally.”

His love of planning and optimization continues when he’s off the clock. He enjoys traveling and the entire journey of planning trips. (Europe and the Middle East are a few places he currently has his eye on). When Bryan isn’t planning trips, he’s most likely doing something sports-related. He’s a huge sports fan and loves following the careers of legendary players. Bryan says he will play or watch any sport he can, but his favorite is soccer.

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