Brittany Brome

Basketball-Enthusiast | Spanish-Speaking Hopeful | Client Services Manager

After graduation from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Brittany explored a few places and opportunities before landing in Colorado. As a Client Services Manager at Gorilla Logic, Brittany brings a genuinely positive attitude to help ensure satisfaction for clients and Gorillas alike so that communication is seamless and productivity is at it’s best.

Brittany’s willingness to go against the norm has allowed her to follow her truth and gain many life experiences. She has been in the tech industry for almost a decade now, however, her resume also includes camp counselor, mountain bike instructor, and UC Berkeley admissions reader. Her guiding principle has been to try as many things as possible in order to truly understand her skills and passions. This idea is what led her to Gorilla Logic—an organization that aligns with her life view and allows her to utilize her skill-set. She values our human-first approach as well as our dedication to facilitating trust both internally and with clients. The idea of “empathy over ego” is important to Brittany and she sees emotional investments as an invaluable asset.

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys going on adventures with her husband, Ryan, two children, Brooks and Blake, and their dog, Buddy. While you won’t find Brittany on social media, she can be found on the soccer field, reading, or listening to the Lumineers’ Album “III” on repeat.

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