Career Change: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Career Change …. Growth Periods …. Lightening of your Employment Load

Whatever you want to call it, sometimes, you have to leave a job. It’s not always pretty, but it’s not always messy. Many people, I have found, have a single moment of clarity where the pros of leaving a job outweigh the pros of staying in their job. I call this the “Should I Stay or Should I Go” moment. I want to talk about some of the factors to take into consideration if you are at or near this moment in your career.

The first thing to keep in mind when you reach this moment: it’s ok to feel this way and it’s no fault of yours or your employer! A career change is a natural progression and something no one should take personally. Sometimes, the moment comes out of anger/frustration, but most of the time, I have found that it just comes from a need for new horizons.

Are you challenged at your job?

Are you working with technologies that make you excited to come to work? Are you working with people who are better than you, and make you want to become better yourself? Or, are you finding your tasks monotonous, and are you working with those who are fine with doing the bare minimum? Those are questions only you can answer, but really dig deep down on those and see what answers you come up with.

Are you at this moment for the right reasons?

Have you reached this ‘moment of clarity’ when thinking of a career change out of a temporary frustration or out of a deep seeded problem? Don’t make rash decisions based on a fly-by moment! Please be sure to think and process on why you are actually feeling this way.

Career Change: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Is leaving going to disrupt your career path greatly?

Did you take the job in the first place as a stepping stone or as something to learn and grow into? Either way, have you achieved what you are looking for? Are you in a better place now to advance your career? Or, are there still things you can learn that will help you in the job market in the future? Don’t give up something where you can still get good experience to help you in the future.

Are you able to have a life outside of work?

Ultimately, a job should not substitute a personal life for you. If you are finding yourself drowning in work, and you have no time to even think about the ‘should I stay or should I go’ moment, this is another sign that leaving where you are is probably a good decision. Work should be a nice compliment to your life, not the opposite. Really stew on this and make sure your decisions and your career change are yours and not your employer or company’s.

Every decision is personal, each person operates at different levels and under a different hierarchy of needs and wants. These are just some good questions to reflect on if you feel like you are reaching your breaking point. If you are ever looking for career advice a lot of time your company’s HR or Recruiting department can help out and be a good place to start talking about personal fulfillment. Don’t be afraid of the conversation, and of course, if you are at the point of no return, you’ll know it!


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Career Change: Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

Cheri Kruger Muhle

Cheri is a professional technical recruiter at Gorilla Logic. She’s been there for 4 years, and has lived in Colorado for nearly 10! She grew up on a farm in Texas and has thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures of living in the city. When not recruiting, she’s usually playing guitar, playing with her dog, Bailey, or looking up how to DIY various projects around her house. Fun fact: she has produced an album of her own original songs...but she’s not quitting her day job anytime soon.

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