We’ve all been there

Outsourcing to the Other Side of the World is Hard

Bob’s project is a month behind schedule and slipping further…

Check Out story updated with Promo Code requirements. Will we be ready to demo Shopping Cart feature Thursday, 3pm MDT?

Wednesday 11:00 AM - US MDT

Will work on new requirements.
Demo Should be possibility.

Wednesday 11:15 PM - India IST

Should be? What does that mean?

Wednesday 11:50 AM - US MDT

Shopping Cart story complete.

Thursday 9:00 AM - India IST

Bob and his team are super stressed. The time difference and language barriers are not only frustrating, they hurt productivity and could cost him his job.

The next day...
Hey, when I call the shopping cart service, it's not retaining any items. This worked yesterday.

Thursday 7:00 AM - US MDT


Thursday 6:50 PM - India IST

What's happening? Need this perfect for demo today. My butt is on line here.

Thursday 7:40 AM - US MDT

Please have confidence for

Thursday 7:35 PM - India IST

What does that mean?
Will it be ready or not?

Thursday 8:12 AM - US MDT

No worry. I will address
tomorrow. Have a good day,
good night.

Thursday 8:05 PM - India IST

Wait, this is critical!! Don't go!

Thursday 8:37 AM - US MDT

Had Enough Disconnect?

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I'm escalating this to the group manager.
I need a response right away.

Thursday 8:40 AM - US MDT

This is Jay, I am the group
How can I help you?

Thursday 8:20 PM - India IST

Hi Jay. Will my Shopping Cart feature
be ready to demo at 3:00 my time
yes or no?

Thursday 8:52 AM - US MDT

What is the story number please?

Thursday 9:07 PM - India IST

You should have it right there...Sigh...ok, AX-30.

Thursday 9:42 AM - US MDT

I cannot locate documentation for
AX-30 but I have the latest update
on AX-34, the Preference Center!

Thursday 9:15 PM - India IST

I need to know if I have a product to
demo this afternoon. The Shopping
Cart feature. AX-30. Yes or no?

Thursday 9:50 AM - US MDT

I am sorry Sir, that feature is not
complete and the team has retired
for the night.

Thursday 9:30 PM - India IST

Gah! Well, it was nice talking with you
Jay, I probably won't work here tomorrow.

Thursday 10:02 AM - US MDT

It was nice talking to you Sir!
Please let me know how else
I can be of service!

Thursday 9:35 PM - India IST

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