Beccy Dryling

Triathlete | Greyhound Mom | Agile Practice Lead

Beccy will jump into anything – whether it’s a freezing cold ocean for her latest triathlon, or any Gorilla Logic client project. She is a whiz at onboarding and mentoring Agile teams, tracking delivery cycles, and making sure project goals and client needs are met.

Beccy was drawn to Gorilla Logic by the opportunity to work within a variety of technologies and projects. “It’s fun to collaborate with different personalities and learn how different people work,” says Beccy. “There aren’t a lot of projects or issues that we can’t solve.”

Outside of Gorilla Logic, Beccy can be found training for her next triathlon, or leading her greyhound, Lily, through agility courses. (“We’re going to get to the Westminster Dog Show in any way we can!”) While NPR is her “constant companion,” Beccy also swears by the soundtrack to the movie, The Martian.

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