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Cloud Based Data Hosting: What’s It Really All About?

Article by Gorilla Logic

Feb 5, 2015

Cloud hosting services bring to mind all sorts of idioms: “Every cloud has a silver lining.” “Get your head out of the clouds.” “I’m on cloud nine.” However, none applies to the latest iteration of “cloud.” Despite the fact that just about everyone is using the latest... Read more.

Apple Releases WatchKit for Developers

Article by Gorilla Logic

Jan 26, 2015

Consumers gleefully anticipate the release of the Apple Watch. Luckily, with Apple’s release of the Apple WatchKit, developers have the opportunity to modify already successful iPhone apps so they are ready when the watch debuts. The Apple Watch With the Apple Watch... Read more.

The Gold Mine of Big Data Analytics

Article by Gorilla Logic

Jan 21, 2015

Big data technology may hold the keys to business success. The amount of data exchanged throughout the world each day increases exponentially each year. Not so long ago, large data storage was described in megabytes, but now Zettabytes and Yottabytes (thought by some... Read more.

Drupal Page Editor Bookmarklet

Article by Gorilla Logic

Feb 6, 2010

We’re in the process of putting gorillalogic.com under the Drupal content management system. I find Drupal’s admin interface to be unbelievably annoying. What I really want to be able to do is navigate gorillalogic.com in my browser, and have a button I... Read more.

FoneMonkey: The Download

Article by Gorilla Logic

Dec 29, 2009

Tonight I am releasing FoneMonkey into the wild. Without further ado, here it is:FoneMonkey.zipThe iPhone does not yet allow installation of user-defined frameworks, so FoneMonkey is disbributed as a static library along with the image files and nibs required by the... Read more.

FoneMonkey: The Movie

Article by Gorilla Logic

Dec 17, 2009

In this video, recently smuggled from Gorilla Logic labs deep beneath the surface of the Earth, we see the revolutionary new open source, iPhone application testing tool FoneMonkey recording and playing back interactions with an application that was cobbled together... Read more.

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