Utsav Sethia

Utsav Sethia

Utsav is a senior QA developer with over 6 years of testing experience in both manual and automation testing. His experience in automation ranges across tech stacks like C#, Java, VB, and JS with many testing tools like Selenium and Cypress, as well as on different verticals (Web, API, and Database). He likes to break the application to make it better and has a keen eye for finding bugs. Utsav also has a passion for UI/UX.

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An Easy Way to Automate Web App Testing: Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

Article by Utsav Sethia

Aug 6, 2020 • ,,,,,,,,

Most of us find testing a web application to be very time-consuming and complex because there are so many scenarios to consider. If you automate testing with scripts, you can do the work once and then execute the script whenever you need to test, with little or no... Read more.

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