Kyle Balogh

Kyle is a mobile software engineer with experience in iOS and Android dating back to 2008. He has also dabbled in the world of automated test tools. When not spending time with his family he is learning new technologies to solve interesting problems.

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WWDC Highlights Part 3 – Not Banana App Using Core ML

Article by Kyle Balogh

Jul 6, 2017 • ,,,,,,,,,,,

This  WWDC series  highlights new technologies and insights I took away from WWDC 2017.  My second post explored new drag and drop API. In this post, I demonstrate how easy it is to use the new Core ML framework.  The Silicon Valley “not hotdog” reference was used... Read more.

Swift Scripting in the Wild

Article by Kyle Balogh

Apr 13, 2017 • ,,,

Swift scripting is awesome. Third party libraries that include references to APIs requiring usage descriptions, without disclosing that information to their users, are less awesome. I recently experienced this very situation and thought it would be a good excuse to... Read more.

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