J. Pablo Estrada

J. Pablo Estrada

I am a software engineer passionate about web development. In my career, I have learned many different languages in front-end and back-end and, also, worked in numerous different markets. Due to this, I have a thorough understanding of software development so I am able to help clients find the best solutions for all of their projects. You can check out my github repo: github.com/stradap and also find me on Twitter as: twitter.com/stradapabloe

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Angular 2 vs React

Article by J. Pablo Estrada

Sep 27, 2016 • ,,,

Recently, with the introduction of Angular 2, you may have heard a lot of discussions and read many articles comparing Angular to React. Comparing the two can be confusing and it’s important to understand the basics of each before making a decision on which to... Read more.

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