Jean Lescure

Jean Lescure

Jean Maurice Lescure is a Costa Rican software developer and an entrepreneur, known for his pioneering works in connecting Ruby on Rails with Hadoop. He's an avid conference speaker and technology writer focused on expanding knowledge of his fellow techno-geeks on subjects related but not limited to cloud-based learning networks, scalable asynchronous streaming protocols, GPU vs CPU enhancements, and anything related to Ruby and NodeJS.

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Preparing for StreamConf 2016

Article by Jean Lescure

Sep 27, 2016 • ,,

Back in January, I sent a proposal to speak at StreamConf 2016 based on some pretty amazing results I got when streaming data using AWS Lambdas and other fun stuff (more on that to come in future posts). Fast-forward to today, a week early for the conference and... Read more.

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