Ed Schwarz

Ed has been delivering software systems for an undisclosed number of years. Before co-founding Gorilla Logic, he was Director of eBusiness Consulting at Sun Microsystems, and back in the day he was on Wall Street exec’ing and tech’ing at Lehman Brothers and Moody’s Investors Services. Ed lives in New York, so don’t try anything funny.

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3 IT Software Trends for 2017-2018

Article by Ed Schwarz

Apr 19, 2017 • ,,,

2016 was a volatile year for everything, it seems. While the galaxy of human attention continues to reorganize around the supermassive black hole of the internet, dark webs are also exerting influence that we are only now discovering. Sometimes it seems that... Read more.

The Programming Languages You Shouldn’t Learn

Article by Ed Schwarz

Aug 6, 2015 • ,

As the programming landscape continues to evolve, new languages emerge to replace the incumbents. Once dominant platforms shrink from prominence, and older languages are relegated to legacy status. Given the dynamic nature of programming technology, what languages... Read more.

Agile and Nearshore

Article by Ed Schwarz

Apr 15, 2015

The Nearshore Americas conference in Mexico City was a great opportunity to talk to the wisest people in the onshore/offshore debate – folks who are living it on the ground from both “shores”. A lot of folks touched on the challenges of meshing... Read more.

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