Diego Garcia

Diego is a full stack developer with more than 9 years of experience with most of it in .NET technologies and Javascript. In his free time, he enjoys dogs, football, basketball, pizza, tattoos, drums, family, friends, Thai and Chinese food, concerts, jokes, Twitter, memes, and technology. You can check out his GitHub here: https://github.com/ElNinjaGaiden.

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How to Build Your Own Redux State Management Implementation Based on Hooks

Article by Diego Garcia

Dec 19, 2019 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Introduced in React version 16.8 (February 2019), React Hooks adds support for state management and lifecycle events to functional components. Hooks lets you write React applications using only functional components. With Hooks, you get such powerful functionality,... Read more.

So You Want To Do Mobile Application Development?

Article by Diego Garcia

May 22, 2017

Mobile application development has been a big deal for several years now. When we talk about it, we are not talking about anything new. Technologies, tools, frameworks, services and pretty much everything related to this subject are getting better and better every... Read more.

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