Dany Vargas

Dany Vargas

Dany is a product/project management professional with over nine years of experience in software development. He has a technical background and has been building software solutions for different industries like education, e-commerce, human resources, retail, and 3PL. He is an avid Agile practitioner with knowledge in Agile transformations. Dany is also a professor at the University of Costa Rica, teaching computer science principles and project management. He loves swimming and balances his busy life with meditation by finding quiet spaces to practice in the beautiful places of his native Costa Rica.

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Four Ways an Outsourced Agile Product Owner Delivers Value

Article by Johaff Chanto

Nov 12, 2020 • ,,,,,,,,,

Let’s say that you have an idea about a product that represents a business opportunity. Maybe you need to increase user engagement, or improve your current product experience, or increase revenue. You have allocated one full Agile development team for the product, and... Read more.

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