Daniel Prado

Daniel Prado is a Web Development Practice Lead for Gorilla Logic. He previously taught frontend technologies and data structures at some of Costa Rica’s most prestigious universities. Daniel enjoys open water swimming, go-cart racing, and listen to music - especially 80s heavy metal bands.

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The Impact of Blockchain Technology Part 3: Smart Contracts Developer Tutorial with React

Article by Daniel Prado

Mar 8, 2018 • ,,,,,,,,,,,

Mario Merino introduced blockchain fundamentals in the first post. Sr. Consultant Pablo Orozco explored the impact of Ethereum blockchain technology and Smart Contracts in the second post. In this third post, Web Practice Lead Daniel Prado shows you how to be the... Read more.

Loopback and create-react-app Developer Tutorial

Article by Daniel Prado

Feb 1, 2018 • ,,,,,,,,,

Recommended snack and song: Have a lovely bowl of rice pudding while listening to Auto!Automatic!! Loopback is amazing at REST API Service, and create-react-app is a neat little CLI that generates a solid starting point for a SPA (single page application). But putting... Read more.

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