Andres is a Sr. Scrum Master. He spends his free time with his family, his 2 dogs, hiking, mountain biking and playing video games. He likes to play acoustic rock songs wherever there is a guitar laying around. Andres tries to impersonate a sherpa attitude in his Scrum Master role. He is happiest when the people around him feel good about their work.

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How to Utilize your Scrum Master Part 2: Master of Scrum Ceremonies

Article by A.Palavicini

Feb 7, 2019 • ,,,,,,,,,,,

“ My Scrum Master scheduled all these meetings, but they are taking time away from my actual work!” “Are they all really necessary?” “Can’t we skip them if we’re busy?” I’ve seen some people struggle with the amount of meetings that revolve around an Agile... Read more.

Conducting Remote Program Increment (PI) Planning: Tips, Tricks and Tools from the Field

Article by Gorilla Logic

Jan 31, 2019 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Many organizations shy away from scaling Agility or conducting robust Program Increment (PI) Planning because of remote teams. Gorilla Logic and one of its clients took on this challenge and saw great success. We’ll walk you through how we did it to show that remote... Read more.

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