Audrey Frederick

Minimalist | Active Coloradan | Client Services Manager

As a client services manager, Audrey is responsible for creating, building, and managing relationships with Gorilla Logic clients—a responsibility she has enjoyed throughout her career. Audrey knows ensuring clients get what they need requires a great attitude and flexibility—skills also applicable in her home life with her young son, adorable pups, and fun-loving fish.

With a background in hospitality and SaaS, Audrey brings a diverse set of skills to the Gorilla Logic team. She is motivated by the exciting projects our developers work on and seeing the impact that those projects have on our clients’ businesses. Seeing the hard work of developers, clients, and the rest of the Gorilla team shows her just how much we are capable of accomplishing.

Outside of the Gorilla-verse, Audrey enjoys a Marie Kondo-esque lifestyle and is passionate about sustainability. As she so eloquently puts it, “part of wellness is also taking care of the environment around us”. You can often find her living an active Colorado lifestyle hiking, biking, doing yoga, and spending time at the creek with her family.

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