Arturo Campos

Family Guy | Cyclist | Web Practice Lead

Arturo is naturally curious. Whether he’s tinkering with his car, or exploring the latest AI technology, he loves learning how things work. As a Web Development Practice Lead, Arturo combines his innate curiosity with a minimalist approach to problem-solving – creating elegantly simple solutions for his clients.

“I am really a minimalist in all aspects of my life.” Arturo explains. “When I develop solutions for my clients, I try to solve their problems in the simplest, most streamlined manner possible.”

Arturo joined Gorilla Logic after several years working as a web developer for different brands and firms. His deep experience leading complex technical engagements, collaborating with international teams and mentoring colleagues made him a natural fit for Gorilla Logic. And like all of our Gorillas, Arturo strives to be “a better developer than I was yesterday.”

“All the people who work at Gorilla Logic are really good at what they do. The level of expertise here is just amazing.” Arturo notes. “There is a bar that I must meet as a Practice Lead. Fortunately, everyone is open to collaboration. It’s just a pleasure to work here.”

While Arturo relishes solving his clients’ toughest challenges, he admits that it doesn’t compare to his job as a husband and father of two small children. He appreciates Gorilla Logic’s commitment to work/life balance, saying that “it’s valuable to work for a company that cares about the people, not just the work. The culture here is just perfect for me.”

“Being a parent is the most demanding and rewarding job in the world,” says Arturo. “I love spending time with my wife and kids watching movies, exploring new places and going on spontaneous adventures. Sometimes I go on a bike ride by myself – it helps to release stress. Basically, I’m a family guy, cyclist and tech lover!”

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